Matt Stims

As someone who has never been to a gym before, the guys and girls at world gym have been extremely welcoming and friendly. The advice and the support is just what I was looking for!

Dakota Osb

The best gym I have ever come across!!! Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They're always up for a chat if you need help! So much variation in equipment with a great cross fit section. Well ventilated too.
If you're wanting results.. This gym is where you will get them!!


Not come across a gym with this much variation! Whatever workout you want they have!
Boxing, crossfit, weights, cardio and bike!
Awesome classes and trainers that know there stuff

Scottie H

World Gym Southside Daisy Hill is by far the best gym in Logan City area! The staff are always nice and polite to me. The trainers care about the people training there, I myself have asked a few trainers for advice and help. Not only was I shown the correct way but everything was explained so I knew what I was doing was wrong. The trainers also never take their eyes off their clients to make sure they have correct posture and form.

The equipment looks confusing at first, but once you give it a go with a lite weight. It is rather easy to figure out what adjustments need to be made to suit your body. I have been in brand new gyms where the equipment has broken within 2 weeks! All of worldgym equipment is clearly maintained with care.

It is true their is no air con. And to me, I hope it stays that way! Results are made from the persons will to succeed, not because of the air con. I'm pretty sure air con will slow down your results. Great gym, wouldn't change a thing! Thanks to all at World Gym Southside


Sara Shepard

Since joining World's in January I have made contact with some of the most knowledgable people in the industry.  As a Mum I was very reluctant to join as I thought it was for bodybuilders.  I have been blown away by the friendly and knowledgable staff that are always very welcoming and also not only staff but I have met some very inspirational and down to earth people.


I definately recommend World Gym Southisde for anyone to join as awesome environent, the trainers are very professional and approachable to help with achieving goals, big or small.  Arash Samali my personal trainer, well what can I say, I have you to thanks for the journey with achieving my results and by suggesting I train in such a wonderful environment.  It's no doubt I will be achieving more goals.


Thanks Travis & Jules & all the staff for making me feel so welcome.  World Gym Southside is definately the place to be.


Sara Shepard